Montreal company morphs more than 22 million 500ml PET plastic bottles into acoustic solution, with no glue, fabric or chemical fire retardant involved. Read more



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Contributors Sharon and Peter Exley of Chicago's Architecture is Fun share expertise on reaching this all-important demographic. Read more

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An architect and an interior designer share space-freshening ideas to help people linger, longer. Read more

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With the help of Mantel Teter architects, a Missouri church with a history of meeting in multiple locations gets a permanent space to call home. Read more


Innovative interlocking system sets a new standard in self-lifting stacking chair design. Read more


General Manager Ron Procopio, former Show Director with USITT, will lead a partnership of top publishing and exhibit companies to create the premier event for church production staff, worship leaders, pastors and volunteers. Read more


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Worship service at Lake Hills Church, Austin, Texas

A versatile church tech team with varying levels of experience puts Allen & Heath to work. Read more

AVL Upgrade

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How a generation is redefining church culture and influencing design. Read more

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Three epic elements in American house of worship design are in action at the Deep Ellum neighborhood near Dallas. Read more

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Pennsylvania multisite and design-integration partner make attendee engagement and comfort part of the overall design plan. Read more


The 2019 international conference and expo from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) promises to convene the world's largest collection of experts in sustainable design and building. Read more


Mid-century modern resonates for comfort, familiarity and timeless appearance--ideal design attributes for church gathering spaces. Read more


In an AIA report where a billings score of 50 or higher reflects positive performance, the institutional sector--where church design fits in--achieves 50.6. Read more


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In systems design for churches, always remember that a volunteer may be called in last-second--and this can be a hair-raising experience. Read more


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Image: Sassafras Studios

As church design evolves, what components should interior designers and their clients incorporate? Hint: transformation replaces entertainment. Read more

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Use these tools to see a boost in the number of church projects you'll land in 2019. Read more

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A comprehensive plan for outreach-oriented Brookhaven Church in McKinney, Texas, is set into motion. Read more

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Willow Creek Production uses Jetbuilt for AV integration in Willow Creek Community Church facilities. Read more


  • Watermark Church

    Peter A. Calvin ©2011 Peter A. Calvin

    Watermark Church

    Watermark Community Church, Dallas, Texas, for Omniplan Architects

  • Watermark Community Church, Phase 3

    Peter A. Calvin

    Watermark Community Church, Phase 3

    Watermark Community Church, Phase 3, for Omniplan

  • watermark_kids_space_best_550.jpg

    Peter A. Calvin ©2013 Peter A. Calvin

    Watermark Children's Center


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