An architect and an interior designer share space-freshening ideas to help people linger, longer. Read more

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Selecting color and texture isn't a cut-and-dry task. There are no spec sheets to follow, just your gut and the bottom line. Read more


austin-distel-VvAcrVa56fc-unsplash.jpg; Austin Distel

How a generation is redefining church culture and influencing design. Read more

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Three epic elements in American house of worship design are in action at the Deep Ellum neighborhood near Dallas. Read more

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Lord of Hosts, Omaha, NE; Mantel Teter

Large or small, lobbies enable newcomers and regulars alike to be comfortable, social and to delve into their church communities. Read more

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Texas Rangers Stadium, Arlington, Texas; Carol Badaracco Padgett

At the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB) 2019 meeting at the Texas Rangers Stadium, new players and new ideas stepped up to the plate. Read more

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A look at the definite impact two generations are having on the design and use of space. Read more

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Architects, designers and consultants provide the first steps to an all-inclusive worship community. Read more


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Robert Benson

Architectural gem returned to splendor in pedestrian-heavy neighborhood, with buildings systems brought up to code. Read more


North Carolina's Sharon UMC in slated to become the spiritual anchor of SouthPark, a mixed-use community plan. Read more

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blur-boots-child-348206.jpg; Lela

Report: Some popular fall-safety products made from shredded tires may not be as safe as you think. Read more


Long-range masterplanning helps First Baptist Dallas deliver a downtown gathering destination. Read more

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Image: Sassafras Studios

As church design evolves, what components should interior designers and their clients incorporate? Hint: transformation replaces entertainment. Read more

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Schaumburg Photography

How will 2019 shape house-of-worship design? Seasoned veterans foresee 10 key ways. Read more

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adolfo-felix-544406-unsplash.jpg, Adolfo Felix

A Faith and Fitness Series, Part 1. God gives power and strength to his people (Psalm 68:35). Read more


Multisite Willow Creek Community Church's Care Center is designed to build hope, strengthen community. Read more


A Tennessee pastor and his design team aim for growth and community engagement. Read more


Following natural disasters, interim houses of worship fill faith needs. Read more


A comprehensive plan for outreach-oriented Brookhaven Church in McKinney, Texas, is set into motion. Read more

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The New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (NYAC) gives its building a new look and mission. Read more



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