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Images courtesy of GFF Inc.

The Board of Historic Fort Worth awarded Dallas' GFF Inc. for aesthetic and AVL upgrades at TCU's Robert Carr Chapel. more


Historic St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church gets a new build and a digitally steered array loudspeaker solution. more


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It doesn’t matter how much a client is willing to pay for audio gear. If their acoustic environment for worship is problematic, sound will suffer. more


A near-catastrophe at a Pennsylvania church winds up in on-target worship space redesign and AVL renovation. more


A Tennessee pastor and his design team aim for growth and community engagement. more


daniel-mccullough-348489-unsplash.jpg; Daniel McCullough

Designers, check out how these companies showcase their work--and how you can, too. more


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SolaFrame family, courtesy of High End Systems.

Whether theatrical or architectural, today's fixtures perform and amaze. Here's a sampling. more

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Images by Emmalee Schaumburg.

A new build and AVL design work hand-in-hand for a Missouri ministry. more

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All images: Tom Paule Photography

Design insight can often come from the "product" and culture of who hired you. more


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Images by HGA.

Minneapolis' Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum offers a place to rest in peace. more



An offering of the latest building information modeling software options for architects and designers. more

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How church buildings, campuses, and multisites can stay on message, through design. more

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Images/art courtesy of Mantel Teter.

Five things to contemplate in the design or improvement of the church arrival experience. more


A 60-foot ceiling and reflective surfaces make spoken word intelligibility a major issue in a Los Angeles Metro Area church. more

AVL Upgrade


Images courtesy of Fantini Mosaici.

Façade features 600-square-foot mosaic adorning new Catholic student center at St. Paul University. more


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Oak Pointe Church, Novi, Mich.

Designers craft a new sound system based on Martin Audio components for a multi-tasking Michigan auditorium. more

AVL Upgrade


Apps and tools can help maximize PowerPoint slides or provide other great alternatives. more

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Three new builds feature Howe's iconic 40/4 chair designed by David Rowland. more

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Photos by Tom Paule Photography.

St. Louis design firm receives 2018 Building St. Louis Award for community new build project. more

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If you’ve considered trying a website domain name that is not .com, there's a creative new option just for you. more



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