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Consider these top ways to prospect for new business on the church side. Read more


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Architects tasked with joining the campuses of a long-standing primary school and high school. Read more



How do you get architects, AVL consultants, integrators, and church staff all on the same page? Read more

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Low-Frequency Energy (LFE) is getting even lower in church, thanks to Kanye and friends. How will this affect your specifications? Read more

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How do we protect the religious cultural legacies that dot our landscapes worldwide? We get involved. Read more

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Easy to spell, hard to build. Here's how to construct trust with a strong foundation. Read more

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When church clients are on vacation, use the time to improve and grow in your design craft. Read more

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Apps and tools can help maximize PowerPoint slides or provide other great alternatives. Read more

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Report: Some popular fall-safety products made from shredded tires may not be as safe as you think. Read more


NAB served up a staggering number of new products in these categories: cameras, wireless audio, and IP technologies, as well as a strong emphasis on products for podcasting. Read more

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There are four puzzling areas that come up over and over in church design. Here's how two seasoned designers solve them. Read more

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In a product category where looks don’t necessarily matter, leave it up to an Italian loudspeaker manufacturer to strike an impeccable balance between sight and sound. Read more

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Stage boxes and pockets hold not only cable connections, but the keys to an efficient, aesthetically pleasing platform for worship. Read more

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... and how to get back on track. These tips can help your practice and your client relations. Read more


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Adaptive reuse spaces don't always allow for the most engaging visual experiences. Two church AVL design experts weigh in. Read more

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Seasoned church designers share strategies to rein in loss of time and money. Read more


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As church design evolves, what components should interior designers and their clients incorporate? Hint: transformation replaces entertainment. Read more

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“Rider-Ready” has become another consideration for choosing church PA systems, and here's why. Read more

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As AV systems become more complex, designers are increasingly specifying intercom systems for mid-sized houses of worship. Read more

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Tour stop gives specifiers and integrators a chance to hear and touch new system. Read more



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