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Dream City Church, debartolo architects; image: Roehner + Ryan

An architectural design leader reports on worship-critical natural light, and how it plays a vital role in the symphony of human senses. Read more

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A church design industry reporter shares on the hype surrounding 3D printing, what's actually now coming to pass, and what the future may hold. Read more

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Lord of Hosts, Omaha, NE; Mantel Teter

Large or small, lobbies enable newcomers and regulars alike to be comfortable, social and to delve into their church communities. Read more

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The big advantages to your church clients are equipment cost, ease of deployment and expansion, and simplicity of configuration and use. Read more

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Crosspointe Church, Cary, NC; multi-phase project, Visioneering Studios

Psychologists today tell us that too much clutter leads to stress. Church lobby interior designers are taking note. Read more

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Texas Rangers Stadium, Arlington, Texas; Carol Badaracco Padgett

At the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB) 2019 meeting at the Texas Rangers Stadium, new players and new ideas stepped up to the plate. Read more

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Design consultants and architects are valuable allies for churches in the quest for the right real estate. Read more

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When you design spaces for church production, make sure you leave room to grow. Here's why and how. Read more

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KWK Architects/TKDA

KWK Architects and TKDA design team create a student community space with application for church gathering spaces. Read more


Church.Design highlights three sustainable house-of-worship structures that snagged the IDA's Architecture Masterprize. Read more

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As Baby Boomers age, which assistive listening devices and technologies should designers hear about? Read more

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Not for long--analytics may be coming that will modify our understanding of the human experience. Read more

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Image courtesy of Architecture is Fun.

Does Diagon Alley at Universal Studios have application for themed church spaces? "Yes," say church design pros--and here are 10 reasons why. Read more

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Image: Pantone

Design consultants discuss the mood evoked by 2019's Pantone color, Living Coral, and how it's playing out in church interiors. Read more


Three experts weigh in on how design can help set up volunteers for replicable success. Read more

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In gathering spaces, intimate conversation is the goal. Talking without shouting and noise isolation from space to space are critical. Read more

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As church models evolve from mega to multisite, systems monitoring can be done centrally. Read more

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Technology is responding to and refueling construction innovation, with church design a lucky recipient. Read more

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Hosa CAT-625BK Cat 6 Cable

“Less wire overall, but it has to go more places. That’s the new model for cable now.” Read more

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A look at the definite impact two generations are having on the design and use of space. Read more

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