June 2019


Church design is all over the map.

This edition of Cover Stories should be an interesting read for designers of worship spaces. From Notre Dame's reconstruction to design of multisite Watermark Community Church's new Fort Worth campus, to hip hop music finding its way into churches, old and new collide.

The diverse requirements of working in this space also include people skills--really good ones. So be sure to read "Building Trust with Church Techs," written by a church tech who was once on the AV design side of the business.

And since we're heading into summer, you're entitled to some downtime. Our AV consultant contributor has a few ideas on what might be fun. And these suggestions, too, are all over the map. Enjoy.


Carol Badaracco Padgett, Editor

Hip Hop victor-rodvang-unsplash.jpg; Victor Rodvang

Low-Frequency Energy (LFE) is getting even lower in church, thanks to Kanye and friends. How will this affect your specifications? Read more

Cover Stories

Easy to spell, hard to build. Here's how to construct trust with a strong foundation. Read more

Cover Stories

How do we protect the religious cultural legacies that dot our landscapes worldwide? We get involved. Read more

Cover Stories

summer slowdown.jpg

Photo by Mounzer Awad on Unsplash.

When church clients are on vacation, use the time to improve and grow in your design craft. Read more

Cover Stories


Clair Solutions

The Dallas home church's design team re-envisions satellite no. 3 and counting. Read more

Cover Stories


Notre-Dame de Paris, images by Andre Cohen

I was in the kitchen, mincing garlic for a tomato sauce, when I heard my Frenchman exclaim, “non !” Read more

Cover Stories

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