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How will 2019 shape house-of-worship design? Seasoned veterans foresee 10 key ways. Read more

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Here's how to explain the paradox of LED dimming to a non-technical end-user. Read more


An LED lighting system replaces conventional fixtures, allowing stained glass mosaics to shine. Read more


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The country's second largest church upgrades to an extensive, video-ready range of LED fixtures. Read more


SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs restore murals of Italy's Casa dei Vettii. Read more


Georgia's Southside Baptist undergoes a high-resolution LED upgrade from an antiquated LCD system. Read more

AVL Upgrade

Theatrical and architectural LED lighting options just keep getting better, benefitting church clients well beyond simple energy savings. Read more

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Unfazed Productions spec'd Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures for a gathering of Christian bands outside Cape Town. Read more


A no-nonsense design hit-list from a professional lighting designer -- with five crucial questions to consider to keep your next church lighting project on the mark. Read more


Lighting design firm helps revitalize Christ Community Church's Hub Theater in St. Charles, Ill., a student ministry meeting and worship area, with fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Read more

AVL Upgrade

The latest theatrical lighting products spell multi-functionality for your church projects' end users. Read more


Inspire Waikele Church in Waipahu, Oahu, needed a lighting system for two distinct purposes: for its live singing and live streaming. ElektraLite products allowed them to accomplish both with one versatile, affordable lighting solution. Read more

AVL Upgrade

Wisconsin's compact Blizzard Lighting aims to take the lighting industry by storm. A Church Designer exclusive report. Read more

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Digital signage, LED technology and contemporary architectural design join forces at Celebration Church, Jacksonville, Fla. Read more



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