May 2018


No more black boxes. Today, architectural beauty can coexist in technology-driven worship spaces.

Church clients are no longer content to forgo architectural beauty to achieve a technology-driven worship experience. For architectural beauty and high technology to successfully coexist in houses of worship though, the professionals we interview report there must be early and continuing collaboration among architects, consultants, integrators, acousticians and others.

Technology comes at architects and designers from all angles. It can be an ally to both clients' projects and to designers in their daily work.

The good news is, that collaboration and synergy between players is alive and growing. You'll see it at work in the stories of this May 2018 edition of Church.Design.

A Georgia megachurch, Free Chapel, opts for an intimate architectural addition. Read more

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Six meeting strategies for getting to a decision that sticks, so you and your clients can move forward. Read more

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Four reasons why your church clients, even the reluctant ones, are making the shift. Read more

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Rendering courtesy of LS3P.

Three church architects share how the two coexist in modern house-of-worship design. Read more

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Tap the knowledge of audio experts and end-users in the church world. Read more

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From console interfaces, calculators, stand-alone apps, to reference guides, these apps shine. Read more

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