October 2018


"Make up your mind.” Designers have probably thought it hundreds of times without saying it to their clients.

Those four words are succinct. But nobody wants to hear them if they haven’t yet performed them.

This issue is packed with stories designed to help you help your church clients make solid design decisions. After reading, we hope you'll understand better what churches need in all these important areas, and that we’ve given you some tools to get them to the finish line.


Carol Badaracco Padgett


Audio engineers and consultants must start the process of system selection by asking this important question: "What's your church's worship style?" Read more

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Michael Henson, production engineer, discusses challenges of lighting for modern worship environment and benefits of using LED engine for a better multisite experience. Read more

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Knowing the way a room will sound ahead of time positively affects church space design and hardware choices. Read more

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Images courtesy of di loreto Architecture.

The poorest Catholic church in Portland, Ore., gets a modern, money-conscious makeover. Read more

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Melbourne company marries audio and visual software for church-applicable experiential design. Read more

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Have you ever been in a meeting where the client simply stopped making decisions? Read more

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Church.Design wants to hear about faith-based building projects that both stand out architecturally and help to fulfill a ministry need.