As church designers head into another fall business season, an AEC firm's director of marketing shares mind-sharpening strategies. Read more

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Mid-century modern resonates for comfort, familiarity and timeless appearance--ideal design attributes for church gathering spaces. Read more


Working with a church building committee can be tricky, but working with your internal creative team doesn't have to be. Here are 10 strong ways to nurture them. Read more


The field is narrowed down. You're in the running for the design job. Now, how do you seal the deal? Read more

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Image courtesy of Architecture is Fun.

Does Diagon Alley at Universal Studios have application for themed church spaces? "Yes," say church design pros--and here are 10 reasons why. Read more

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Image: Pantone

Design consultants discuss the mood evoked by 2019's Pantone color, Living Coral, and how it's playing out in church interiors. Read more


Technology is responding to and refueling construction innovation, with church design a lucky recipient. Read more

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A look at the definite impact two generations are having on the design and use of space. Read more

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Architect Jack DeBartolo, FAIA, shares the simple design intentions behind an Arizona church's sacred connection space. Read more


Architects, designers and consultants provide the first steps to an all-inclusive worship community. Read more


austin-distel-VvAcrVa56fc-unsplash.jpg; Austin Distel

How a generation is redefining church culture and influencing design. Read more

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How do you get architects, AVL consultants, integrators, and church staff all on the same page? Read more

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How do we protect the religious cultural legacies that dot our landscapes worldwide? We get involved. Read more

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Photo by Mounzer Awad on Unsplash.

When church clients are on vacation, use the time to improve and grow in your design craft. Read more

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Apps and tools can help maximize PowerPoint slides or provide other great alternatives. Read more

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Can the essential structure of Notre-Dame be restored to its Gothic glory? A look at the role of modern stonemasons and artisans. Read more



Notre-Dame de Paris, images by Andre Cohen

I was in the kitchen, mincing garlic for a tomato sauce, when I heard my Frenchman exclaim, “non !” Read more

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blur-boots-child-348206.jpg; Lela

Report: Some popular fall-safety products made from shredded tires may not be as safe as you think. Read more


In a product category where looks don’t necessarily matter, leave it up to an Italian loudspeaker manufacturer to strike an impeccable balance between sight and sound. Read more

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... and how to get back on track. These tips can help your practice and your client relations. Read more



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