A look at what AVoIP is, how it works, and how soon it will affect your church clients. Read more

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Six meeting strategies for getting to a decision that sticks, so you and your clients can move forward. Read more

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LOT-EK shot2.jpg; Images by Dave Southwood

A look at 4 considerations and constraints of using shipping container architecture in design. Read more



How do you get architects, AVL consultants, integrators, and church staff all on the same page? Read more

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Churches rest in adaptive reuse spaces all across the country, and shipping containers fit the theme. Read more


Texas pro AV supplier defines "buying experience" as far more than just the purchase. Read more

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Schaumburg Photography

How will 2019 shape house-of-worship design? Seasoned veterans foresee 10 key ways. Read more

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Christianity Today

In the aftermath of California's Camp Fire, church designers assess the damage and cast a vision for the future. Read more

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paul-green-98258-unsplash.jpg, Paul Green

Terrorism has heightened public awareness and fear, putting security top-of-mind for designers. Read more


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Church of the Highlands Production Director Justin Firesheets shares AVL design insights--from the invaluable inside perspective. Read more

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david-pisnoy-562428-unsplash.jpg, David Pisnoy

WFX is Informa's Worship Facilities Expo. Our tech reporter explored the expo and reports on new AV products to note. Read more


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Both browser-based and from the app store, check out this list of 14 excellent app options. Read more

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Images courtesy of CODA Audio.

Loudspeaker manufacturer takes holistic approach to product development, customer support. Read more

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joe-hernandez-218177-unsplash.jpg, Joe Hernandez

A Church.Design exclusive interview with a seasoned church AVL design expert. Read more

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patricia-valerio-35940-unsplash.jpg; Patricia Valerio

For in Him, we live and move and exist (Acts 17:28). Read more


Have you ever been in a meeting where the client simply stopped making decisions? Read more

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Selecting color and texture isn't a cut-and-dry task. There are no spec sheets to follow, just your gut and the bottom line. Read more


adolfo-felix-544406-unsplash.jpg, Adolfo Felix

A Faith and Fitness Series, Part 1. God gives power and strength to his people (Psalm 68:35). Read more



Multiple voices, from architect to pastor and even community, are crucial to getting an on-target facility. Read more

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Photo by Lukas from Pexels.

Worship market-experienced AV consultants share how they ensure smooth interactions with their house-of-worship customers. Read more

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Church.Design wants to hear about faith-based building projects that both stand out architecturally and help to fulfill a ministry need.