September 2018


Church clients aren't like dealing with anybody else. Sometimes you have to wear kid gloves. Sometimes you have to come on strong. So it helps to get inside church leaders' heads a little—to understand their special concerns for design and AV communication in the worship setting.

These concerns are a shade different from what they'd be for a secular performance space, broadcast booth, education setting, retail space ... in any space outside the bubble of the church's physical sphere.

The stories in this issue are designed to help you navigate church projects with a higher degree of certainty and comfort. And while this client may pose a certain degree of challenge, the rewards are surely eternal.


Carol Badaracco Padgett


Image courtesy of HOWE.

In the house of worship setting, modern congregations and their use requirements call for timeless and modern seating options. more

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Photo by Lukas from Pexels.

Worship market-experienced AV consultants share how they ensure smooth interactions with their house-of-worship customers. more

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Image courtesy of Klang.

Frisco, Texas, church gains square footage, extra seating and expanded broadcast ability to lasso boost in engagement. more

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How to design projection to support, not overwhelm, the message. more

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sergey-zolkin-21232-unsplash.jpg, Sergey Zolkin

Good sound is ensured when these two disciplines ally themselves at the beginning of worship space design. more

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A look at the definite impact two current generations will have on the design and use of space. more

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Church.Design wants to hear about faith-based building projects that both stand out architecturally and help to fulfill a ministry need.

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