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Architect Jack DeBartolo, FAIA, shares the simple design intentions behind an Arizona church's sacred connection space. Read more


Architects, designers and consultants provide the first steps to an all-inclusive worship community. Read more


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Words of wisdom on church interior design from a co-founder of AIA Chicago's Firm of the Year. Read more


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How a generation is redefining church culture and influencing design. Read more

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Designers help churches invite their communities indoors and out--comfortably, safely and economically. Read more

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Church.Design queried an independent AV journalist with boots on the ground in Orlando. These are the products and advancements church designers will want to know about. Read more



Image by Mateusz Dach from Pexels.

Consider these top ways to prospect for new business on the church side. Read more

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Architects tasked with joining the campuses of a long-standing primary school and high school. Read more



How do you get architects, AVL consultants, integrators, and church staff all on the same page? Read more

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How do we protect the religious cultural legacies that dot our landscapes worldwide? We get involved. Read more

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Can the essential structure of Notre-Dame be restored to its Gothic glory? A look at the role of modern stonemasons and artisans. Read more



Notre-Dame de Paris, images by Andre Cohen

I was in the kitchen, mincing garlic for a tomato sauce, when I heard my Frenchman exclaim, “non !” Read more

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In a product category where looks don’t necessarily matter, leave it up to an Italian loudspeaker manufacturer to strike an impeccable balance between sight and sound. Read more

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Before jumping into a contract for a building project, make sure you know the answers to these questions. Read more

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Seasoned church designers share strategies to rein in loss of time and money. Read more


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Image: Sassafras Studios

As church design evolves, what components should interior designers and their clients incorporate? Hint: transformation replaces entertainment. Read more

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Every commercial-type facility you design needs public bathrooms. In 2019, what does that look like for church design? Read more




Here's how to work with church design committees for the best project, start to finish. Read more


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For the first time in years, growth in institutional construction activity is projected to exceed its commercial counterparts. Read more


Access—to racks, wiring, devices, and consumables like lamps—is too often not part of the systems design conversation. For your clients' sake, it needs to be. Read more

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Church.Design wants to hear about faith-based building projects that both stand out architecturally and help to fulfill a ministry need.